What Kind Of Gardening Equipment Should One Go For?

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People who consider gardening as more than a hobby or a way of passing the time, they need gardening equipment that can help them make a go of it. Some garden for necessity, whereas others garden to feel closer to nature. There are many reasons behind why people from all over the world plant trees. Be it an amateur or a full time gardener, one thing both these categories require is a full functioning kit full of garden equipments. There are many kinds of kits and there are chances of getting muddled up when one has choices. Some of the major equipments that one cannot and should not do without are listed as below:

Rake- A gardening toolkit is incomplete without rakes. There are different kinds of rakes, but the indispensable rake is the leaf rake which is also known as the soft rake. The rake that comes in second in importance is the bow rake.

Shovel- This is one of the most important tool to be used in gardening. There are different kinds of shovels. The common type of shovel is the standard round point shovel which is preferred and universally recognized. The lesser known shovels include square-point shovel which are used to spread materials such as granite and still smaller shovels for trenching and more refined holes.

Hand trowel- Most gardening enthusiasts believe that a good hand trowel should be a part of every gardener’s toolkit. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. The trowel can be selected as per need.

Bypass hand clippers- They are usually used for pruning one’s flowers and clipping small branches. This is a gardening equipment every tool kit should possess.

Gloves- This may be a no-brainer but every gardener should possess a pair of sturdy gloves. One needs to determine, before buying that the gloves are for gardening purposes so that they last longer. Some gloves are more expensive, but they last longer and far more superior than the cheaper versions.

Wheelbarrow- The best point about a wheelbarrow is not only can one put the heavy immovable stuff on it, but is also used to store the smaller equipments on it.

Power tools are a little more expensive than hand tools but the positive side is they can really reduce the physical labor. Amongst the machines, the tiller is most basic of the gardening equipment. It can break up the ground and prepare the ground for chopping up the debris or prepare it for planting. Other power tools such as the garden shredders, chain saws and so on are also very helpful. To get rid of small plants such as bushes or shrubs, one requires pruning tools. There are different kinds of pruners such as the lopping shears which can reach upto branches which are half an inch or 2 inches above the ground. The pruning shears are for branches which have a diameter of 3/4 inches. For the branches which are about 15 feet above the ground there are pole pruners.

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